Selasa, 12 April 2011

[News] Lee Joon Becomes the MC of '100 Points out of 100 Points'

Lee Joon Becomes the MC of '100 Points out of 100 Points'
Lee Joon recently turned into the MC for the last episode of '100 Points out of 100 Points'.
He is part of the guests on the show and on the recent episode MC Park Myung Soo switched places with him for a while.
Park Myung Soo was asked why he decided to switch places and he mentioned that he wants to raise Lee Joon as an MC for the next generation. Letting him become the MC was a type of practice for the future.
Lee Joon was actually pretty surprised by it, but still managed to do the job showing his random and happy character.

[News]MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan

MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan
MTV released MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan.
The members of MBLAQ can't do anything for 'Your Luv' and just want it on their new PV in Japan.
MBLAQ is finally releasing their first video in Japan with a new style and great start.
The song has an electronic feel and the boys actually handle their Japanese pretty well, and as always present perfect vocals.
Mir appears on the video but he is not dancing because of his recent back injury.
On the other side, the leader Seung Ho shows his amazing dancing skills while G.O presents powerful vocals. Cheon Dung and Lee Joon as well introduce different sides of themselves.
This song and PV are definitely something new, but so far it looks like a good start on their Japanese activities.

[Pic] MBLAQ Comeback Pooto

Selasa, 5 April 2011

Lee Joon and Jiyeon become friends through Jungle Fish 2

-How did you end up doing a voice act for 'Gnomeo'? 

While recording for (KBS2), Jiyeon mentioned it by saying "Oppa, did you know that? 
We are working together again!". I found out that I was casted for Gnomeo through Jiyeon.

-At that time, what thought did you had in your mind? 

I am meeting with her again. 

-What kind of relationship are you guys in? 

Haha! We are friends. I am a hoobae, but I am a lot older than Jiyeon. We became friends through . 

-How was it like doing the voice act? 

I didn't know that it will be that difficult. Expressing English in Korean was most
difficult. There are a lot of different versions for “Wow!”. It was difficult 
expressing slight differences.

-What aspect did you most paid attention to while recording? 

It was a voice tone. Since it is an animation, it was most important to live up to the voice of the character. 
I gave changes to low and high tones by using a 'high tone' for exclamations and a
'happy tone' for conversations.

-When did you had a desire to act? 

Even before the debut as a singer, I was an aspiring actor. I am very serious about acting. 
I am working hard since I do not want to hear the word of "Since you are an idol singer, 
you gain opportunities to act easily". 

-‘When I think of 'Lee Joon’, I think of ‘strong abs’. 

I was originally skinny, but my body grew large suddenly after filming (2009). (laughs)
My body was not a body with abs at all. It maintained continuously threw a lot of exercises that I did during that time.

-It looks like you are skinny now.

That's correct. Currently, I am not exercising on purpose. Since I am also a human, I don't always have abs. 
I got a lot skinnier, so I don't take off my clothes on stage nowdays purposefully.

-Ei, I don't believe it. 

I am saying the truth! There's no time to exercise when you sing, act, and do dance practice!

After School Gahee And MBALQ Lee Joon sexy couple dance,"dizzy" costume illusion

[NEWS] After School Gahee & MBLAQ Lee Joons sexy couple dance, dizzy costume illusion

After School’s Gahee and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon showed off a sexy couple dance.

Gahee and Lee Joon recently recorded the SBS New Year Special ‘Star Couple Battle’. All attention was focused on their giddy and sexy couple dance. Both representatives of After School and MBLAQ’s couple dance was kept in tune. The two’s first couple dance together attracted great interest right from the start.
Gahee and Lee Joon performed Madonna’s ’4 minute’ during the recording. The both of them left a strong impression that night with their brilliant dance performance.

Furthermore, Gahee’s unusual ‘illusion costume’ also striked a lot of attention. A pair of fishnet stockings coupled with leather shorts showed off her provocative charm. On the other hand, Lee Joon revealed his controlled sex appeal in a neat black suit.

Other performances for ‘Star Couple Battle’ include magician Choi Hyun Woo and f(x)’s Victoria’s teleport magic, Lim Yo Hwan and Kim Ga Yeon couple’s shocking kiss performance, SHINee’s Minho and football player Yeo Min Ji’s couple dance, Moon Hee Jun, Kim Dong Wan and 2AM’s Changmin’s version of SNSD’s ‘leg dance’. The show airs on February 3 at 6pm.



Lee Joon exposes blonder hair+abs,shocking transformation

MBLAQ's Lee Joon has caught the eyes of the viewers after revealing his new blonde hair and exposing his abs which he has been hiding well. 

On February 24th, MBLAQ revealed the title song for their 'BLAQ Style 3D Edition' album, 'Again', with a powerful performance and visual effects.

In particular, Mir made a surprise appearance when he came back on stage with his unique rap after suffering from a back injury. The neat choreography managed to meet the fans' expectations well.

MBLAQ will continue the promotional activities for 'Again' on February 25th.

Lee Joon "Honestly, i can't act very well in front of female partner"

Male group MBLAQ's Lee Joon revealed his honest feelings regarding his recent partnership with IU and T-ara's Jiyeon.

Lee Joon has been at the center of attention through his appearance with IU in the music video, "My Heart is Beating," which K.will made a comeback with. Furthermore, he has also received attention through his involvement in dubbing the animated movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" with Jiyeon.

Compared to his other members he has frequently worked alongside his female peers in the music industry but in an interview with TVDaily he confessed that, "I've never considered myself to be lucky in regards to my female partners."

He said, "Everything is just work and we're all participating in projects to do well so I've never thought about it being a case of luck" and further stated, "They're all very good at what they do and as their peer, the extent of my interest in them is thinking, 'They're really good.'"

Lee Joon continued by saying, "Honestly, in front of my female counterparts I'm not very good at acting. So when I'm filming individually I tell them that it's okay if they don't help me and I act while looking at their fists," revealing a different side.

On another note, MBLAQ held their last stage on SBS' 'Inkigayo' on the 20th and ended their promotions for their first album, which they released one year and two months after their debut. 

What is Best Qualitification that Idols Should Have In Idol Opinion??

On Mnet 'MBLAQ's Sesame Player', which will be broadcast on 31st 5 p.m. as Thursday corner of the Mnet 'Wide Entertainment News', MBLAQ will reveal their honest opinions about qualities that idols should have and should not have.

All MBLAQ members mentioned 'singing' as one of the qualities that idols should have.

Excluding Lee Joon, all members mentioned 'secretion' as a quality that idols should not have.

G.O revealed as "Secretion don't really go well with idols" as he recalled the incident of Lee Joon's nose being runny during the broadcast.

Seungho accused Lee Joon as having a lot of secretion by recalling the memory in details as he stated "In the past, I went somewhere with Lee Joon using a subway and I was sitting on a chair while Lee Joon was standing in front of me. When Lee Jon was talking, I thought a rain was puring because his spit poured in an amount of fountain water."

Lee Joon bravely argued back with a humor by saying "Since idols are also a human, it is understandable to have secretion".


MBLAQ Lee Joon revealed a fresh passport picture.

On Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News-MBLAQ’s Sesame Player’, which was broadcast in 4th,
MBLAQ members excluding Lee Joon spend happy time as they revealed graduation
Lee Joon stated “I will show a passport picture that I never showed anyone else
before. It’s a picture that I took in hurry few weeks prior to ‘Ninja Assassin”s
filming.” when he revealed a passport picture through a broadcast for the first time.
“I was tired at that time because of the movie filming. During that time, my skin
was in a good shape, but it got tanned after living as martial arts person for
few months.”.
Netizens who saw Lee Joon’s passport picture showed responses of “Your skin is
still good”, “Very cute”, “You present a small laughter”, and “This picture
probably looks better than the graduation picture”.

Lee Joon , Jiyeon " There are a lot things that we have not tried yet"

 love like a rose blooms between a fierce fight between 'Red clan' and 'blue clan'.

Gnomeo and Juliet's love story has been recreated through 3 deungshin dolls' cute adventure story.

MBLAQ Lee Joon and T-ara Jiyeon are idol stars who sent out positive energy of the , a new 3D animation made by director Kelly Asbury.

"A lot of singers do not accept a song from the different atmosphere well since they have their own style, but since Lee Joon have a lot of emotions, he merges himself into variety songs from R&B to dance. He does the same when he acts. When he filmed and , despite other people's compliments, he demanded for a refilm many times if he was not satisfied with the result. He is very passionate".

"Jiyeon learns in a fast speed. If she is told that she needs to dance a Michael Jackson dance on New Year special program, she monitors the Michael Jackson choreography despite the busy schedule and learns it perfectly. When she receives a drama script, she quietly prepares her role by reading script attentively. No one needs to tell her what to do."

Even if was not from witnesses of staffs who know Lee Joon and Jiyeon, two celebrities who sat on interview showed an ambition to be the best on both singing and acting without hesitation.

They were bright, pure, and pretty.


2011's first domestic animation 'Earth's Representative Rolling Stars''s main character, Lucky, the pitcher who represents earth is drawing attention in that MBLAQ's Lee Joon was chosen to be the male idol who would best fit the role.

Ryu Seungryong, Ryu Dukhwan's movie 'Earth Representative Rolling Stars' which is causing excitement, conducted a survery in which idol group MBLAQ's Lee Joon was chosen as 'baseball-dol' who would best convey the earth's representative pitcher. From March 2 to the the 9, the survey of 'Who is the male idol who would best fit the role of an earth's representative baseball pitcher?' progressed with MBLAQ's Lee Joon beating Big Bang's G-Dragon, Beast's Lee Kikwang and of course the original beast-dols 2PM's Nichkhun to take the 1st place.

Lee Joon ascended as 'Baseball-dol' with an overwhelimg 66% of votes after starting off early with 50% amongst the other candidates. The netizens voiced their opinions on the survey with 'Lee Joon looks like he would work out well', 'I feel like Lee Joon would do well as a baseball pitcher'.