Selasa, 12 April 2011

[News]MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan

MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan
MTV released MBLAQ's 'Your Luv' PV in Japan.
The members of MBLAQ can't do anything for 'Your Luv' and just want it on their new PV in Japan.
MBLAQ is finally releasing their first video in Japan with a new style and great start.
The song has an electronic feel and the boys actually handle their Japanese pretty well, and as always present perfect vocals.
Mir appears on the video but he is not dancing because of his recent back injury.
On the other side, the leader Seung Ho shows his amazing dancing skills while G.O presents powerful vocals. Cheon Dung and Lee Joon as well introduce different sides of themselves.
This song and PV are definitely something new, but so far it looks like a good start on their Japanese activities.

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