Selasa, 5 April 2011

What is Best Qualitification that Idols Should Have In Idol Opinion??

On Mnet 'MBLAQ's Sesame Player', which will be broadcast on 31st 5 p.m. as Thursday corner of the Mnet 'Wide Entertainment News', MBLAQ will reveal their honest opinions about qualities that idols should have and should not have.

All MBLAQ members mentioned 'singing' as one of the qualities that idols should have.

Excluding Lee Joon, all members mentioned 'secretion' as a quality that idols should not have.

G.O revealed as "Secretion don't really go well with idols" as he recalled the incident of Lee Joon's nose being runny during the broadcast.

Seungho accused Lee Joon as having a lot of secretion by recalling the memory in details as he stated "In the past, I went somewhere with Lee Joon using a subway and I was sitting on a chair while Lee Joon was standing in front of me. When Lee Jon was talking, I thought a rain was puring because his spit poured in an amount of fountain water."

Lee Joon bravely argued back with a humor by saying "Since idols are also a human, it is understandable to have secretion".

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