Selasa, 5 April 2011

Lee Joon , Jiyeon " There are a lot things that we have not tried yet"

 love like a rose blooms between a fierce fight between 'Red clan' and 'blue clan'.

Gnomeo and Juliet's love story has been recreated through 3 deungshin dolls' cute adventure story.

MBLAQ Lee Joon and T-ara Jiyeon are idol stars who sent out positive energy of the , a new 3D animation made by director Kelly Asbury.

"A lot of singers do not accept a song from the different atmosphere well since they have their own style, but since Lee Joon have a lot of emotions, he merges himself into variety songs from R&B to dance. He does the same when he acts. When he filmed and , despite other people's compliments, he demanded for a refilm many times if he was not satisfied with the result. He is very passionate".

"Jiyeon learns in a fast speed. If she is told that she needs to dance a Michael Jackson dance on New Year special program, she monitors the Michael Jackson choreography despite the busy schedule and learns it perfectly. When she receives a drama script, she quietly prepares her role by reading script attentively. No one needs to tell her what to do."

Even if was not from witnesses of staffs who know Lee Joon and Jiyeon, two celebrities who sat on interview showed an ambition to be the best on both singing and acting without hesitation.

They were bright, pure, and pretty.

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