Selasa, 5 April 2011

Lee Joon and Jiyeon become friends through Jungle Fish 2

-How did you end up doing a voice act for 'Gnomeo'? 

While recording for (KBS2), Jiyeon mentioned it by saying "Oppa, did you know that? 
We are working together again!". I found out that I was casted for Gnomeo through Jiyeon.

-At that time, what thought did you had in your mind? 

I am meeting with her again. 

-What kind of relationship are you guys in? 

Haha! We are friends. I am a hoobae, but I am a lot older than Jiyeon. We became friends through . 

-How was it like doing the voice act? 

I didn't know that it will be that difficult. Expressing English in Korean was most
difficult. There are a lot of different versions for “Wow!”. It was difficult 
expressing slight differences.

-What aspect did you most paid attention to while recording? 

It was a voice tone. Since it is an animation, it was most important to live up to the voice of the character. 
I gave changes to low and high tones by using a 'high tone' for exclamations and a
'happy tone' for conversations.

-When did you had a desire to act? 

Even before the debut as a singer, I was an aspiring actor. I am very serious about acting. 
I am working hard since I do not want to hear the word of "Since you are an idol singer, 
you gain opportunities to act easily". 

-‘When I think of 'Lee Joon’, I think of ‘strong abs’. 

I was originally skinny, but my body grew large suddenly after filming (2009). (laughs)
My body was not a body with abs at all. It maintained continuously threw a lot of exercises that I did during that time.

-It looks like you are skinny now.

That's correct. Currently, I am not exercising on purpose. Since I am also a human, I don't always have abs. 
I got a lot skinnier, so I don't take off my clothes on stage nowdays purposefully.

-Ei, I don't believe it. 

I am saying the truth! There's no time to exercise when you sing, act, and do dance practice!

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